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Crowd.Science plans to grow the amount of funding available to scientists. To do this we work with individual scientists and organisations to craft and promote crowdfunding campaigns that engage new science funders.

We also work with businesses and philanthropists who already fund science, aiming to make their funding fo further by using it to leverage support from the crowd.

About your Project

It is one of the following:

1) Scientific Research
2) Applied Science (by this we mean, science is core to making the project work)
3) Science communication (if you want to get people more involved in science or make people more aware of a particular area of research, we are happy to support you!)

We will also review the quality of your proposal. For smaller projects our review is light touch. If you are looking to raise more significant sums we will reach out to experts in the field to check the budget and viability of the proposal.

Our Fees

We charge 5% of the total raised for projects and we also offer a service where we support you during the planning phase which we charge upfront for on a case by case basis.

We use Stripe to make sure all payments are secure.  They charge approx 1.9% and 20p per transaction although it varies depending on where people have pledged from. It’s best to factor in 3% to cover payment fees, although it is likely to be less than this. 

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